Prishtina is the capital city of Kosovo. The city has an edge to it holds the physical remnants of the different periods of history that are so densely packed into such a short time frame. An odd Ottoman clock tower that escaped the destruction overlooks the fairly ambiguous post-independence ‘Newborn’ monument. The main language you will hear in the street is Albanian. English is widely spoken especially from the youth and German is easily the next most widely spoken language. Religious harmony is a value that characterized Prishtina, here you can visit a lot mosques and churches that shows a cultural diversity. Other places you should visit are Kosova Art Gallery, Kosova National Museum, Kosova Museum, Prishtina Ethnographic Museum as well as National Library and Germia Park.

Newborn monument

Skënderbeu Square

National Library

A view of the city from cathedral “Mother Teresa”

Do as the locals do: In Prishtina, this means korza. In the evenings, when it’s warm, a large proportion of the population heads out into the main squares between cafes or meetings with friends, or visit theatres, National Theatre of Kosova, Dodona Theatre. What you should not leave without tasting is macchiato – the best macchiato in the world there are cafes absolutely everywhere, and most of them are packed through the warm season with fashionably-dressed young people, serving variety drinks which can be bought from €1 to €1.5, of course you should taste traditional food can use buses of the local public transport they run on set routes and cost €0.40 or taxies are readily available starting at €1.50.

Germia Park

Prishtina during night

Batllava Lake


By plane:
There are many direct flights from Germany, Switzerland and some Scandinavian countries, while the main connecting hubs are via Vienna (Austrian Airlines), Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) and Lufthansa Group (via Munich or Frankfurt).
It is sometimes cheaper to fly into Skopje in Macedonia, which is approximately 2 hours drive from Prishtina. Although there is no direct public transport from Skopje airport to Kosovo, a one-way taxi will cost 60-65 euros. Prishtina-based taxi companies offer this service, including Taxi Victory + 383 44 111 222 (viber also), or Taxi Roberti +383 44 111 999.

By bus:
From Montenegro, you can enter through Rozaje to Peja/Pec(approximately 2.0 hours). There are direct daily buses on the Prishtina-Ulqin/Ulcinj route, which takes approx 5 hours.
From Macedonia, you can take a bus from Skopje to Prishtina (approximately 2.5 h) or Prizren.
From Serbia, there are direct buses on Prishtina – Belgrade route, taking approx 6 hours.
From Albania, you can enter through Prizren on the new highway. The trip from Tirane costs 10€ and takes 4 h, with two stops.
Elsewhere, there are a couple companies offering buses from Istanbul via Skopje, as well as Prishtina – Vienna route.

Waiting For You

National Theatre

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