Start / Finish
Start and finish for all runs will be in front of the Pristina National Theater.
Marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5km runs will start at 9:00 am.

The running course
Marathon, half marathon and 10km run continues along Mother Teresa Square to the Cathedral, then turns right onto the road leading to Kosovo Polje.

10km run continues until the 5th kilometer and then the runners have to go back to the starting point.
Half marathon run continues to Kosovo Polje then turns left on the way to Pristina Airport to HiB Petrol then turn right to pass underpass on the road that sends you to the village of Lower Miradi, then arriving in the village we have to go back to the starting point.
Marathon run continues on to the village of Lower Miradi and then on to the village of Batusha and the village of Lepi from where we continue to Marigona Residence where we pass a circular run in this residential center and then turn back on the same road to return to the starting point in front of the National Theater in Pristina.
5km run from Mother Teresa Cathedral continues right in the direction of the nearby hospital to get to Pristina Bus Station and return to Bill Clinton Square, then to the Cathedral and then to the National Theater at the starting point.

Marathon Course Map (42.195 km)

Half Marathon Course Map (21.1 km)

10 km Course Map

5km Course Map

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