We have been running together for 20 years

This is the 20th jubilee year of this running event so this year’s event will be enriched with the full marathon run, but there will be additional distances to suit each participant’s requirements.
The running track is defined in the menus to meet all participants’ requirements and be AIMS licensed. Online registration and real-time presentation of results from now on will be at the service of participants and other stakeholders.
This event is a good forum to bring the community together and promote healthy living. This will encourage even more participants to have running, walking or fitness in the menu of their weekly activities.

Purpose of the organization:
Through the organization of this event we have tried to offer participants the competition in the running disciplines they prefer. It is thought to be an event where we bring together diverse communities to promote running and walking as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Kosovo Athletic Federation – takes care of the development and organization of sports athletic activities in Kosovo.
Directorate of Sport in the Municipality of Prishtina – which is responsible for assisting and promoting sports in the Municipality of Prishtina
Department of Sport (government level) – responsible for the development and support of sports at the national level.

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

Kosovo Athletic Federation

Directory of Sports – Pristina Muncipality

The first Pristina Half Marathon race was organized in 2001 at the initiative of the Kosovo Sports Department in cooperation with the Kosovo Athletic Federation and the Prishtina Athletic Club. The motto of this run was “Run for Peace and Tolerance”. For the following years the Athletic Federation of Kosovo has undertaken the organization of this event in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the Municipality of Prishtina. This practice of organization has continued to this day.

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