Regarding Awards

Athletes in the age category can only receive one award price that is higher in monetary value.
If the award is equal in monetary value then the rule ranking will be in honor placement.  This will apply for 42km and 21km running events.
Places of honor for 42km are: from 1st to 8th place
Places of honor for 21km are from 1st to 6th place
Athletes from Kosovo may also receive extra awards for the Kosovo Championships in Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km run if their score reaches the IAAF scoring table of 750 points.

There will be a medal for all runners who finish races in

5km run, 10km run, Half Marathon run and Full Marathon run

Marathon Runner’s Awards (42.195km)

Participants’ Awards for the Half Marathon (21.0975km)

Awards for the age category for running distances 42 km and 21 km

Participants’ awards for the 10km run

Kosovo Championships in Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km run.
Participating athletes from Kosovo will receive special awards if they reach the score of 750 in the latest IAAF Scoring Table.

Participants’ awards for the 5km run

Wheelchair awards participants with disabilities

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